Thursday, January 28, 2010

the last day before Vacation

Nothing special just wanted to tell you all that even though I didn't want to workout at ALL today. I did an hour. Well almost an hour 55 minutes. It was a good sweaty workout and  I took a long shower afterwards. Yay me!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I like being lazy, get over it.

Okay I will admit this week I haven’t worked out as much, so far I have only gotten in about 20minutes worth. So tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday my goal is to do at least 40 minutes each day. That way when I am in Denver this weekend I won’t feel guilty about not working out. Or for that matter eating. I plan on splurging at least a little bit while I am on vacation (that is what vacations are for right?) I can’t wait for vacation even if it is in Denver where it is cold and only for 3 days.  

Okay part 2 of blog 21..

So last night I went home and did another 36 minutes of working out. I did the lower body so lots of stupid squats and hip lifts. Man do I feel it today. Even my sides hurt. How is it that I didn’t do any core work last night and yet my abs feel like they have taken the brute of the workout?

Now today I have the afternoon off. I know I am making a roast for dinner, so should I put it in the oven and go out for a walk maybe an hour walk? Since this is the first non rain day that we have had for 2 weeks. Or should I do the BL inside like I have been doing? If it stays this chilly I might go for inside. My hands have yet to warm up today.

This week I have stayed on track points wise, I haven’t eaten (so far) any of those “extra” points, so therefore I haven’t eaten my activity points either.

And in other news, Arugala! Yes that word yet again. The “A” word and I LOVE and HATE each other. Reason being? You guessed it. A always equals to a LOT of B. Which in one way I like because I mean who wouldn’t like to go that many times in a day? Everything you just ate has left your body and you can start all over again right? Well maybe but then again, who wants to be stuck at home because they are afraid to go anywhere. It is a win/win and a lose/lose situation.

Now that I have completely grossed you all out, Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

one more week one less pound.

I will write more tomorrow, but for now I am down 1 more pound. That is 5.5 pounds since I started the diet. Now if only I can keep up that rate each month.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sandwiches all that much better.

Okay for dinner tonight I had a turkey sandwich, I wanted lettuce, tomato and all the fixins but all I had at the house was left over arugala. So I made the sandwich then added a TON arugula but i thought it needed more so I cut a lemon and squeezed some lemon juice on top of it. It added tons of flavor to the sandwich. I loved it. It really helped so for those that want more flavor but no calories try that next time. 

I am one happy girl this week.

For many reasons am I happy but the biggest one, which I forgot to tell all of you about earlier in the week. Sorry about that. :-(

I lost 3.3 lb this week!

All this hard work is starting to pay off, but the best part is that my jeans that wouldn't fit me last month I got on yesterday and today and I wore them all day. Well all day today. Yesterday I only wore them to a movie. But STILL!

Today I did 40 minutes of working out, via the biggest loser. I still sweat SO much when I play that game. :-)

P.S. Today I did the workout with my pandora radio playing on the Britney Spears channel so that I had a little more pep to my step. I think that helped me work just a little harder. It is still on and I am listening to Don't Cha (pussycat dolls version LOVE IT)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sometimes I really don't like working out, u know like when sweat gets in your eyes. So gross.

Monday, January 18, 2010

To the start of Week 3,

Okay time for a well deserved update. On the weight watcher front I stayed well within my points for the week. However, on Saturday night (knowing it was the end of my week) I did go to McDs. There I got a 4 piece nugget happy meal, as well as a Mcdouble. All well within my points limit that I had left, plus I still ended up with plenty of activity points left for the week that I didn’t use. Ya Me!

I think my most news worthy information is what I did yesterday. Roller skating for the first time in years, and oh what a bitch it was. I did have Jessica there to help me thru all the embarrassment of almost falling down every 30 seconds or so. I did fall but only once. I have to say boy oh boy did it hurt. However I got right back up and started going again. By the end of the hour I was tired and well beyond worked out. I did get the hang of it after a while and felt much better about doing it again. I can’t wait to go again. Maybe once or twice a month. Put that in the mix with all the other great exercises that I am doing and I might just kick this weight right out of my system before the end of the year. 

Last night I also acquired a yoga mat, and exercise ball (also some not so needed items) I got home and tried to get that darn exercise ball to expand and try as I might for an hour I couldn’t get it to work. *it did come with it’s own foot pump* so I gave up. I think I might be just buying an electric one tonight at target so that I can use the ball that I got. I also think I need to get a measuring tape as I can’t for the life of me find my. So that I can put my measurements on the WW website and track those as well as my weight. Not a bad idea to do.

I am behind on weighing myself. I will do it tomorrow morning when I get up, I believe that was the time that I weight myself at the first time, and I want to be consistent. That and the BF isn’t home at that time and I don’t have to face him to do it. He doesn’t leave the room when I start to exercise which really is bothersome. I mean how many of you like to just have your BF watch you exercise? So I mostly do it when he isn’t around. I just feel better about it expecially if I am doing Biggest Loser because I like to yell at bob and yelling at the tv when your BF is around isn’t a good sign (they might think you are a little cuckoo)

To close a few pics from the skating rink, beware these are not that pretty. At least I don’t think so. And the last one is blurry, but you get the idea. Thanks to my friend Jessica for taking them for me. :-)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Why can't i seem to remember.

Today I have worked all day. Both my jobs, as of right now I have eaten 1 nutra-grain bar, 4 strawberries and about 1/2 of a sample scone from work. That is IT!

I need to eat, but I can't seem to remember.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Week 2, Day 4

As I promised in my last post I am going to be posting my before pics for you. Now these are NOTHING to be impressed by. I took them after cleaning my house for most of the day, and I mean really cleaning. Dusting, sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes, and many other things. So I look well to be frank a mess oh and I hadn’t brushed my hair today either. 

I will tell you this, over the past few days, I have had a severe lost in appetite, I don’t feel hungry as often, and I have been forgetting to eat. So I think that I might be setting a alarm to go over during meal times so that I prepare something for myself I don’t want my body to shut down on me and make me fall behind on my goals. Like yesterday my day off which in the past I would watch TV and snack most of the day without thinking of how much I was eating, well yesterday I didn’t do that. I got up, hung-over from the night before, so I had just a little part of a scone (1/4 of a scone) and lots of water, watched the end of Maury baby daddy episode. (It is still my day off I have to watch something cheesy or it isn’t a Rachel kind of day), and then I put in my Biggest Loser Wii fit game and went at it. After 32 minutes, 24 workout minutes, and 8 cool-down minutes, I felt sick and thought I might be. Good thing is I pushed myself to do the exercises right and didn’t stop, bad thing is I hate getting sick so I avoid it as much as possible. After that I did the shower, dress, leave the house, go get things to cook dinner those sort of things.

That evening after dinner, which I will post a picture of as well, because it was just too good for words, I settled in for a challenge game with the BF on the Biggest Loser game. Well to say the least! That was HARD! 8 rounds of football runs, and tire runs my goodness by the time I was done I worked just as hard as I did earlier in the day and felt just as nauseas. Luckily I didn’t have anything to do after that and decided to take advantage of my nice relaxing jetted bathtub and that helped a LOT. Now if I hadn’t of done that I think that I would feel even more beat then I do today. Let me tell you EVERYTHING hurts. My hair even hurts.

I know I am on the right track on this path but man sometimes. You know?

Anyway have a wonderful day. Enjoy the pictures! I will be posting updated pics once a month that way I can see the results as well as you.


My dinner from 01/13/2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

1 week later.

Ah, What a week.

This dieting thing is super hard to do. Well for me it is. I know some of you out there will be better at this then I am. I have been really good this past week with the exception of the one night at Denny’s. I did work hard to make sure that I made up all the points to get all those Dennys points to add up. I did tons of working out. I mean tons.

So I will sometime in the near future be posting before pictures (or as people like to say what I look like today) and then posting pics once a month just to give you guys an idea of where I am. I think that this will help me a lot in my weight lost battle of the bulge challenge. Hopefully this Wednesday I will post them. That is my day off so plenty of time in the day to take care of it.

So in other notes, Sunday I went hiking in Point lobos for an hour. It was wonderful and quite relaxing to say the least. I didn’t just hike either, I tried to put more of a spin on it I did some jump ups (u know like how on biggest loser they make the contestations jump from the floor up) I did those on a stump and on the way back on a little bridge. Man that will work you out. Then whenever I got to an incline I jogged it up the incline to push myself harder, and then on the decline I ran down it.  So I did work up quite the sweat. Woohoo! I want to go again this week. Maybe do a different trail that would be great. I also got so many great pictures while I was there.

While I close I want to invite you all to give many an low-fat recipes that you might have for me to try.   

Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 ways to sneak in your exercise

6 ways to sneak in your exercise

just a little side note, found this on yahoo and I liked it so I thought I would share it.

day 5 cont....

So tonight after a day of wonderful shopping with my dear friend Gretchen I came home super tired took a nap and then watched the movie paper heart. Very cute movie but during that time I jogged 30 minutes on the wiifit. And yes I kept a steady pace and jogged the whole time. I even got a nice sweat going. According to the wii it was almost 4 miles 3.8 to be exact. So very happy that i didn't skip the workout today even though I really didn't want to.

Day 5....and yes i cheated

Why oh why did I think I could go to the movies with my friend? The movie was fine, I went and bought a bottle of water and cheetos from the drugstore and snuck them in. Cheetos are like 6 points for the small bag. I had that many left so that balanced me out for the day. But then after the movie we are catching up (since I had not seen this friend in at least 8 or 9 months) and decide to go to denny's. I said i am not going to get anything but a drink. Hot chocolate (2points,x2=4pts) Take that out of my weekly total. And then it happen.

A) I have the weight watchers moblie in my hand. It has dennys menu on it, points for each product. I look and then said well i just won't look and order anyway.

B.) I got the 3 smokin mini burgers with fries. I ate maybe 1/4 of the frys. I ate all 3 burgers. ALL 3 REALLY DELICIOUS BURGERS! They have toasted buns and thick bacon with onion straws and bbq sauce. I tell myself I will look them up the next day and add them. Ready to see? Are you sure? It was THE most calorie item on the menu!!!!! What the hell was I thinking? Coming out to ...........49 points for 3 small burgers. 49points? So I have to kick up my working out this week to make up for that 1 moment of weakness. i have 28.5 weekly total left and 8 activity total. That isn't enough to cover my mistake. i did have 3.5 from yesterday left over but that only puts me at 40 points I still need an extra 9 to cover it.

Wish me the best!

Other news I made the soup without cauliflower and I didn't have a pot big enough to fit the whole thing so I had to split it into 2 pots to make it.  It was good soup. I added mushrooms because I love mushrooms and I also precooked the garlic and onions so that they would cook all the way thru. I don't like uncooked onions in my soup.

I tried the mini meatballs and the broth ran out before they where done cooking. I think the next time I will add a little more to them.They where just okay. I have had better. 1st off I used fresh parsley I think dried would have been better. And i need to shop the onions into smaller pieces. I did a rough chop since they made me cry. All in all it was a good night of cooking. And the best part was the fact that it cost me only $13 for all the veggies that I put in including fresh thyme and parsley. I love our local produce market.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, new blog.

So this year and this is no joke, I am losing 80lbs. I started on Sunday with weight watchers and I am now on day 3. So far so good. I am drinking more water with lemon ( 0points!) most the time. I have found some really great recipes that I am going to be trying out this week. I think I might go to Salinas tomorrow to do some cheap grocery shopping. If I don't then I am sure I will be heading to the beach. It has been splendorous here this week and I am taking advantage of it.

I think as part of a new years resolution I will be starting to blog at LEAST once a week if not more. If I make it a habit then I am sure that I will be able to do more with it. It will help me see when and where I need to focus my energy to help me with my weight lost goals. If I do this then I will be able to have yet another tool to have in the palms of my hand to help. 

This week I am going to start the cooking more of the weight watchers recipes. I REALLY think that the 0 point veggie soup is the way to go. I can make a bunch and then freeze some of it for later. Plus they have these little meatballs that look great. 

On another note I am of course working out so far I have done two days in a row! I will also be getting the Biggest loser Wii fit game by next week (i just ordered it) so that I have new work out routines to do as well as bob and jillian to yell at me if I screw up! I can't wait to try it! I think it is better the the EA sports active. Wish me luck on all the new adventures!!!!