Tuesday, March 31, 2009

No Smoking in the Skull Cave: Chubbies!

No Smoking in the Skull Cave: Chubbies!

Such a great ad. thought everyone else should see it.

it's been a while

I didn't realize that I haven't blogged on here for almost a year. A lot has changed in a year. Working in a new job since September of '08. Just moved into a house beginning of March. Living the good life with a freakin 2 car garage and everything.


A. When moving one of my two cats went missing. Hoping that she will be found soon. but nothing as of yet.

B. Still with the same boyfriend for almost 3 years now. Can't believe that but it is true. Wow.

C. Still not in college like I planned to be back in by now.

D. Trying to get an idea patented is a LOT harder then I thought and takes a lot of money and time. I will succed and prevail in this mission. It will just take a little longer then I thought it would.

E. Working in hospitality can really wear a person down. To bad I live in a hospitality driving environment. Thinking of finding in this economy, would be suicide so I will stick to a job where the boss loves me and I get to watch tv. Not to bad if you think about it.

F. Working on finding a way to get the website I wish to start up in running will prevail as well again it will just take a little time.

G. I am finding that getting the word out there on YELP.COM is therapeutic.

H. The credit score that I have right now is detrimental to my health. ( no really, because of the stress that it causes me and the headaches that I get it really isn't worth even checking it.

Ah that seems like all for right now. I will post more later. Maybe, if I remember that I have started this blog. Again.