Friday, June 27, 2008

i am here or there or well you will see me.

blogging, well this is my first blog on here and I am excited to get started. I know that a lot of people blog and I usually do on my myspace page but I don't really like the layout of that one and I haven't really done a lot with it in a while. So since this is all new to me on this page please be patient with me as I try to figure it out. A little bit about me. Well I am the following: A leo and very proud of that. I have two cats. Max he is black and white and a little gay I swear it, then I have his sister Phoebe she is a little princess, she is part maincoon so she chatters to me. She loves me even though she pretends not too.

I read a lot, random books mostly I could spend a few good hours in any bookstore but the borders in Seaside is my favorite because they have seattles best coffee and they make a killer white mocha with white chocolate on top yummy. I am right now reading a book by Jen lancaster. It is a memoir style and it is about her loosing weight. I find it quite funny. I guess it is called "such a pretty fat" but it has so many other quirky names on it. I find her a true bosom friend as Anne shirley would say.

I hope I can make this blog funny and witty but I really am not either of those. Well sometimes but mostly I am a big dork and I am 100% okay with that. Take care all my new friends.


colorebel said...

Hi wallanut,

I googled my blog and found that you linked to it. I'm honored, thanks! Seeing you're a Dishwalla fan, hope you didn't object to the Opaline mashup I did.

I just posted a new one using Snoop Dogg's "Signs" that perhaps you might want to listen to, since you're a Justin Timberlake fan.

Hope to see more bloggin from you!

wallanut said...

Hello Colorebel! Loved the opaline mashup that is the reason that I linked up with you.

sorry I didn't see that I had a comment earlier. I sort of forgot about this blog. I am back now. So woohoo.