Sunday, June 29, 2008

the Ipod and me.

Hi everyone! What a great day it is today. First I woke up late sweet! Then i got dressed and Ted and I went to have brunch. Well i wanted lunch @ Rosine's in downtown monterey because I was having a serious cheesecake attack due to the book that I was reading. But it was busy so we went to Kathy's now it was good they are all homemade everything and the waitress was really super nice. Well we get our food and I am eating the special, and one cherry pancake that was the special as well. I was half way thru my food and went in for the cherry pancake. well the waitress comes over fills the coffee says she likes my shirt. That is when I notice what looks like a hair in my food. No it wasn't a hair but some kind of bug full bug with antenna's and all. I told the waitress and she said no change and i just couldn't eat anything else so we as for the check but she said no change. Food free, so we left a tip and left. We felt bad cause she was so nice. But oh so gross.

Then we went to Wal-mart to grab a few items and then to Circuit city. There is when I was a happy girl in a shoe store only the shoe was a 8g sea form green IPOD. Yes I did, it was such a great thing. I feel so tech challenged because i well got it stuck in a screen and had to wait till I got home and look up the problem on IPOD. I really think that this will be a big challenge for me to figure out though. I can't wait to go home and play with it a little more.

In other news it is raining ash from the fires today still. The wind is suppose to change and make the smoke go east and inland soon. It really is getting quite big and scary in the area. I just can't believe it. It is one of the biggest fire seasons in California's history.

Anyway I should get back to work I get off in half hour and then I will be spending all night with the IPOD since I think that the boyfriend will be going out on a rare occasion. Tomorrow I might have to write a whole blog about the Ode to an IPOD. but who's knows. Later people.

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