Saturday, March 6, 2010

Already Saturday? Or almost Sunday. Really?

Okay so since the last blog I have been doing a lot better. I have worked out everyday since Tuesday. I did yardwork, yoga, Biggest Loser full body and upper body, and YES I am spent. I don't know how I am moving right now. My legs hurt, my abs hurt and my upper arms hurt. I would say this is the correct move in the right direction. If I am not hurting I am not learning to lose it all. 

A few tips that I have also picked up this week. The more you exercise the more energy that you have. I am finding that I am cleaning the house more with the extra energy that I have. I did the full bathroom, and extra loads of laundry, as well as the dishes (even if it was only a few) As I mentioned above I also did yard work. Much needed yard work. I spent time these past 2 days working on the backyard ground cover as it has overgrown and it was getting really hard to walk on the sidewalk. So pulling all that up really helped with all the upper body work that I needed to do. As a result I am only half way done with what I want to get done, but it really is looking a lot better.

Also in other tips, the weights plus tv are really working out. I keep them next to me in the living room and when I start to watch something I do reps with them off and on for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. I also find that multi-tasking is helping. I get up and move around during commercials. (even if I have recorded the show before hand, i still am letting commercials play) I will get up and sweep the floor, or get something together for the next project that I might be doing. 

I am thinking of redo-ing my vision board. (for those of you that don't know what that is just ask me) On it a picture of me in the summer of '99 is what I am thinking of doing. Around 145lbs I was that summer and I am going to reach it. 

Not so related diet/exercise front. I will be starting doing Avon again. I haven't done it in years and I know that there is a market for it in this area so I have contacted my friendly neighborhood rep and she and I are all set to get started. This should lead to a great part-time opportunity. 

I am staying positive and motivated. Can't weight to get home and workout tonight. Not sure if I am hiking tomorrow or what but it is going to be something good. 

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