Friday, March 19, 2010

alright people i need calls letters emails....anything to keep me on task.

So I have been working out, just not as much. I have also been sticking to the diet, just not as much. I did weigh myself last week and I had gained 2lbs. I didn't this week out of fear (there are mini-reese peanut cups at work they somehow are making it into my mouth everyday.) I think I need help.

I have been bringing my lunch everyday and I also have asparagus as well as carrots stored at work. So I add those into my meal. For some reason I am so over prepared on what to eat I end up not being that hungry and I end up not eating or I eat to many of the above mentioned. (which btw are 1 point each WW style) I guess I should be putting more of an effort into getting to a forum on WW so that I have someone to talk to about it instead of just thinking I am doing well enough on my own. All I really know is that I haven't been as focused on my goals as I should be and I find it frustrating as I know I should be doing better.

A few new items I have found to spruce up the diet. Fiber one cottage cheese for one is great, tastes the same as the other and if you put in fresh fruit it is wonderful. I find that even w/fruit it is still a little bland so I had just the smallest drizzle of honey to it to add flavor. Which before everything is added in only has 1 WW point. I don't count the honey but I do count the fruit. I mean the honey is just the tiniest of drizzles. Also my George forman has been getting a lot more action lately. I have been doing fresh veggies on this. Gives them so much more flavor. Especially the Asparagus that is on sale right now. I eat it all the time. I LOVE that stuff. Tonight I did green&red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, and onion on the foreman and then transferred them into a skillet with a 1/2 pat of butter and 2 tablespoons olive oil. I then did the chicken on the foreman added that to the skillet and sauteed them together.(i marinated the chicken in taco bell hot sauce(u can find it at ur store for sale)) Then I had high fiber flour tortillas that where 50 calories, 2 fat, and 5 fiber per one. I should of taken a picture but I didn't. I did have fresh homemade salsa and avocado (aka guacamole) it was super filling and delicious. Even the BF liked it even with all the veggies that he usually won't eat.

So far this week only 2 days of working out 20 minutes. Tomorrow I am doing an hour. It might be outside, it could just be BL inside. Not sure but tomorrow evening I have plans to go to a spa party. THAT I can't wait for.

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No L said...

Diets suck. I need to go on one myself but my tummy is directly connected to my willpower! lol! (As you can see from my blog all I think about is food! At least I'm cooking more and eating out less. I think my true down fall is alcohol though).

Anyway, keep up the blogging, you were making me feel guilty = )