Monday, January 11, 2010

1 week later.

Ah, What a week.

This dieting thing is super hard to do. Well for me it is. I know some of you out there will be better at this then I am. I have been really good this past week with the exception of the one night at Denny’s. I did work hard to make sure that I made up all the points to get all those Dennys points to add up. I did tons of working out. I mean tons.

So I will sometime in the near future be posting before pictures (or as people like to say what I look like today) and then posting pics once a month just to give you guys an idea of where I am. I think that this will help me a lot in my weight lost battle of the bulge challenge. Hopefully this Wednesday I will post them. That is my day off so plenty of time in the day to take care of it.

So in other notes, Sunday I went hiking in Point lobos for an hour. It was wonderful and quite relaxing to say the least. I didn’t just hike either, I tried to put more of a spin on it I did some jump ups (u know like how on biggest loser they make the contestations jump from the floor up) I did those on a stump and on the way back on a little bridge. Man that will work you out. Then whenever I got to an incline I jogged it up the incline to push myself harder, and then on the decline I ran down it.  So I did work up quite the sweat. Woohoo! I want to go again this week. Maybe do a different trail that would be great. I also got so many great pictures while I was there.

While I close I want to invite you all to give many an low-fat recipes that you might have for me to try.   


Ezmerelda of AQ and LbNA said...

Keep up the good work Rachel! You are doing great. Awesome pics!

wallanut said...

my favorite is the one on the bottom u can see the light making the "mist" thru the trees. :-)

die t├Ągliche revolution said...

love the pictures, love the blog!
it is easier said than done, but don't allow yourself any exceptions. it makes cheating that much more easy to fall into.

you can do this! you're such a strong person, it will be a piece of cake for you. :D


wallanut said...

I <3 u kara! I am going to miss you when u are gone. :-(

wallanut said...

Oh and yes that was from the quadcam! I love it too!