Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I like being lazy, get over it.

Okay I will admit this week I haven’t worked out as much, so far I have only gotten in about 20minutes worth. So tonight, tomorrow, and Thursday my goal is to do at least 40 minutes each day. That way when I am in Denver this weekend I won’t feel guilty about not working out. Or for that matter eating. I plan on splurging at least a little bit while I am on vacation (that is what vacations are for right?) I can’t wait for vacation even if it is in Denver where it is cold and only for 3 days.  

Okay part 2 of blog 21..

So last night I went home and did another 36 minutes of working out. I did the lower body so lots of stupid squats and hip lifts. Man do I feel it today. Even my sides hurt. How is it that I didn’t do any core work last night and yet my abs feel like they have taken the brute of the workout?

Now today I have the afternoon off. I know I am making a roast for dinner, so should I put it in the oven and go out for a walk maybe an hour walk? Since this is the first non rain day that we have had for 2 weeks. Or should I do the BL inside like I have been doing? If it stays this chilly I might go for inside. My hands have yet to warm up today.

This week I have stayed on track points wise, I haven’t eaten (so far) any of those “extra” points, so therefore I haven’t eaten my activity points either.

And in other news, Arugala! Yes that word yet again. The “A” word and I LOVE and HATE each other. Reason being? You guessed it. A always equals to a LOT of B. Which in one way I like because I mean who wouldn’t like to go that many times in a day? Everything you just ate has left your body and you can start all over again right? Well maybe but then again, who wants to be stuck at home because they are afraid to go anywhere. It is a win/win and a lose/lose situation.

Now that I have completely grossed you all out, Enjoy the rest of your wonderful day!

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die tägliche revolution said...

i think today is a beautiful day outside- lets go! (only for me i have a lot of errands to do, running around town counts as cardio, right? "LOL")
have a great time in denver and don't splurge too much! it will only lead to regret later. moderation, dear, moderation.