Monday, January 18, 2010

To the start of Week 3,

Okay time for a well deserved update. On the weight watcher front I stayed well within my points for the week. However, on Saturday night (knowing it was the end of my week) I did go to McDs. There I got a 4 piece nugget happy meal, as well as a Mcdouble. All well within my points limit that I had left, plus I still ended up with plenty of activity points left for the week that I didn’t use. Ya Me!

I think my most news worthy information is what I did yesterday. Roller skating for the first time in years, and oh what a bitch it was. I did have Jessica there to help me thru all the embarrassment of almost falling down every 30 seconds or so. I did fall but only once. I have to say boy oh boy did it hurt. However I got right back up and started going again. By the end of the hour I was tired and well beyond worked out. I did get the hang of it after a while and felt much better about doing it again. I can’t wait to go again. Maybe once or twice a month. Put that in the mix with all the other great exercises that I am doing and I might just kick this weight right out of my system before the end of the year. 

Last night I also acquired a yoga mat, and exercise ball (also some not so needed items) I got home and tried to get that darn exercise ball to expand and try as I might for an hour I couldn’t get it to work. *it did come with it’s own foot pump* so I gave up. I think I might be just buying an electric one tonight at target so that I can use the ball that I got. I also think I need to get a measuring tape as I can’t for the life of me find my. So that I can put my measurements on the WW website and track those as well as my weight. Not a bad idea to do.

I am behind on weighing myself. I will do it tomorrow morning when I get up, I believe that was the time that I weight myself at the first time, and I want to be consistent. That and the BF isn’t home at that time and I don’t have to face him to do it. He doesn’t leave the room when I start to exercise which really is bothersome. I mean how many of you like to just have your BF watch you exercise? So I mostly do it when he isn’t around. I just feel better about it expecially if I am doing Biggest Loser because I like to yell at bob and yelling at the tv when your BF is around isn’t a good sign (they might think you are a little cuckoo)

To close a few pics from the skating rink, beware these are not that pretty. At least I don’t think so. And the last one is blurry, but you get the idea. Thanks to my friend Jessica for taking them for me. :-)

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