Saturday, February 27, 2010

around and around we go where we will stop.....

So this week, well to say the least, I didn't do any exercise. So much for my goals. This week I have no excuse except for the "monthly visitor" who decided to torment me like no other. I will be back in touch with them I hope by the beginning of this next week. I am thinking of doing another hiking trip maybe doing all of Point Lobos this week. On Monday, I work the early shift and I am thinking of doing that afterwards. As long as it isn't raining. Maybe even do a two hour hike just to make up for the rest of this week. Plus I get off early tomorrow (Sunday) so I might do something then as well. A short run around a few blocks in the area?

I did deep clean this week. I did all the dishes and vacuumed almost everything. (I missed 2 curtains that really need it) I also hung pictures up. The place is looking more homey all the time. I am loving it. Now if I could just be one of those people that has the bedroom with everything in its place I might be more happy. I can never get my bedroom the way I want it. I am to much of the clutter bug. My favorite part was though that I did rinse the dishes and put them into the dishwasher this morning which is a big deal since I mostly let them collect till the dishwasher will be full and then put them all in. This looks much better if I do say so myself. 

On another note I am also thinking about buying lemon tree for my yard. As well as building a raised veggie bed. I hear that they are really great for veggies and you tend to grow them easier. Since I have the hardest time keeping anything alive that I plant I think this will really be helpful. What are you thoughts? Also it would add into my exercise since I will have to build it all up. :-) 

I hope that next week I will give you a few more GOOD updates. I did just lose .1 pounds. Yay me! It is after all better then gaining anything. And only 8lbs to go till under 200 so........I shall need to get to it. 

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