Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who says you can't be.....?

Wow I am having a really hard time writing this blog. I have started this one at least 3 times and I haven’t been happy with what I wrote so atlas I deleted it and deleted it and you get the point.  

 I wouldn’t say that I am in a funk when it comes to exercise. As I have been getting out and doing that.  I would say that I am having a hard time with the fact that I didn’t exercise enough to do a weight loss. So this is where my problem lies. I worked out hard last week. I went on a 5 mile, walk/jog/run, some of which was up and down hills. It worked me out good. I was sweating my butt off and it wasn’t even that warm out so you know that I pushed myself. Why then when I was SUPPOSE to do my Biggest Loser weigh-in did I look like I gained. I did it on the regular wiifit game as that is how I weight myself for the week. I was so pissed. Here I am working my butt off and why? Why is it not working? I know everyone has told me that ya ya ya muscle weights more then fat I get it. I am not using that as an excuse. Bob and Jillian never do, and the would kick my Ass if I did. So no, I don’t buy it for one second. I should have pushed harder, and I will be this week. No BSing myself into thinking I did enough, there is never to much exercise.

So on the agenda for this week. I have stepped up my Biggest loser workouts from beginner to the intermediate. I hope this will help with some of my slack. Secondly I have added in doing lunges at work. I lunge when no one is around to and from whatever I am doing. I feel that this really has helped out on my legs. I need to remember to keep my abs tighten when doing this and I think that will also help.

I am going to go to the farmers market and get some walking in. I also think I might pick up some calamari or a gyro sandwich not sure which, but I am sure that it will be all my points for the day.



Caroline Martin said...

Try to keep your motivation going. Every now and then you will hit a pothole, but with continued motivation, you will eventually jump over it and start dropping that weight again.
I too hit a pothole ( and it was a big one- house fire last year, medical dramas (2) last year and now another minor medical drama again) but i still intend to return to the gym after my surgery has taken place. Will let you know when i walk through that door again, Once i hit the gym, hopefully we can motivate each other.
Cheers from caroline

Anonymous said...

kudos to u Rachel for all your hard efforts with your workout regimne. I remember an old instructor telling me that, in the beginning, pounds shed right off the first few weeks of working out; after that it takes a bit longer (also depends on how much you step up the workout). Don't be too discouraged as you are doing AWESOME- so much will power- I commend you sista! Just be careful not to over work yourself or push too hard. I don't wanna sound all motherly (and I'm sure you already know anyways!) but just make sure not to push yourself over the edge.
If you ever want a workout buddy ( and if it coincides w/ our schedules) call me-- it's always funner w/ a friend! Toodles for now- Lisa